We wanted to know: What else can ultrasound see?

We knew there was much more this broadly available technology
could tell us—all we had to do was look a little harder.

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So we developed TAEUS.

Thermo-Acoustic Enhanced UltraSound (TAEUS™) is designed to revolutionize what clinicians can see and do at the point of care.

Now, we’re seeing ultrasound in a whole new way.

Quantifying fat

in the liver

Delivering a safe and cost-effective method for detecting Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD).

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Addressing other
healthcare needs

TAEUS will close gaps in a variety of other applications, such as visualizing tissue temperature during energy-based surgery.

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And we’re only at the beginning of what’s possible.


TAEUS opens up new possibilities for ultrasound, evolving what clinicians can accomplish with patients at the point of care.

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The Nexus 128+, a fully 3D photo-acoustic imaging system, drives new insights for laboratory research.

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