Liver disease

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), an asymptomatic precursor to conditions like NASH, fibrosis, cirrhosis and cancer, has traditionally been difficult to identify and monitor. ENDRA is enhancing ultrasound to change that.

1.4 billion people globally

1.4 billion people globally

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease—NAFLD—affects between 15–40% of the world’s population,driven by obesity, diabetes and Hepatitis-C.

$103 billion in medical costs

$103 billion in medical costs

The direct cost of NAFLD in the U.S. every year—largely driven by the downstream complications of the disease, including fibrosis, cirrhosis and cancer.

Zero practical diagnostic solutions

Zero practical diagnostic solutions

Right now, doctors and their patients must rely on invasive surgical biopsy or a costly MRI.

By 2025

By 2025

NAFLD will likely be the greatest root cause of liver transplants.The disease will be a true health crisis.

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Learn how ENDRA is using ultrasound to help make difficult-to-diagnose diseases easier to find and treat.


Liver disease is commonplace and largely undiagnosed.

Thankfully, a simple tool is on the horizon. ENDRA’s technology, TAEUS®, is designed to provide some of the capabilities of CT/MRI, but at a fraction of the cost and at the point of care, simply by plugging in to a conventional ultrasound machine.

“The ability to accurately quantify fat in the liver, at the point of care, with ENDRA’s TAEUS® ultrasound could be revolutionary.”

— Xiang Jing, M.D.

Deputy Chairman, Ultrasound Committee, China Medical Association

TAEUS®’ future potential goes beyond just a single application.

ENDRA is ultrasound like you’ve never seen it before.


Ten times as many ultrasound machines as CT/MRI machines worldwide


TAEUS® technology costs 50x less than MRI technology


No invasive surgical biopsy, no ionizing radiation, no risky contrast agents


Can be used at the point of patient care, providing answers more quickly and efficiently

The TAEUS product is not yet approved for commercial sale.

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