TAEUS® is focused on early detection of liver disease.

We’re changing the way clinicians measure fat in the liver, making it easier, less expensive, and more accessible for everyone.

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What is TAEUS®?

Thermo-Acoustic Enhanced UltraSound® (TAEUS®) combines radio frequency and ultrasound waves to measure fat in the liver in a groundbreaking way.

CE certified

It is CE-marked and commercially available in Europe, and pairs seamlessly with any B-mode ultrasound machine.

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Intro to TAEUS®

Learn how ENDRA is using ultrasound to help make difficult-to-diagnose diseases easier to find and treat.

TAEUS technology is 50x cheaper than MRI.

Less expensive. Less invasive.

TAEUS® fits in seamlessly with an ultrasound suite—small footprint, similar workflow.

The technology is non-invasive, unlike liver biopsy, and 50x cheaper than MRI. TAEUS® allows clinicians to measure steatosis in less than a minute—at the patient point-of-care.

How TAEUS® works

TAEUS® connects to conventional ultrasound to measure permittivity. Radio frequencies (RF) stimulate tissue and create small sonic waves that are picked up and decoded by our proprietary algorithms.

ENDRA is the first to use the unique combination of RF and ultrasound to produce meaningful data quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


Locate the region for fatty liver tissue assessment with any traditional B-mode ultrasound.

Pulse radio frequency (RF) waves into target tissue with TAEUS®.


TAEUS® RF energy creates small sonic waves that represent a unique signature for lean & fat tissues.


TAEUS® sonic waves are detected by separate TAEUS® ultrasound receiver.


TAEUS® outputs include ultrasound image overlays or quantitative data translated into clinically useful metrics.

See TAEUS® in action

TAEUS® Tissue Composition analysis for quantification of liver fat

ENDRA is ultrasound like you’ve never seen it before.

“ENDRA’s TAEUS® technology could be a game-changer for the clinical care cycle of liver [and other] disease—from screening to diagnosis to therapy guidance.”

— Jing Gao, MD

Director of Ultrasound, Associate Professor of Ultrasound, Rocky Vista University

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