Uncovering new possibilities for medical imaging

By expanding the utility of broadly available ultrasound, we will be able to put more information in the hands of doctors and broaden patient access to better healthcare.

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Thermo-Acoustic Enhanced UltraSound is designed to combine an accessory and proprietary software into an easy-to-implement add-on to existing ultrasound machines, enabling clinicians to visualize human tissue composition, function and temperature in ways previously possible only on CT or MRI—but at a fraction of the cost, and at the point of care.

Soon we expect TAEUS technology to be able to be incorporated into ultrasound devices, providing a seamless interface for clinicians.

TAEUS Tissue Composition analysis for quantification of liver fat

TAEUS Tissue Composition analysis for quantification of liver fat

TAEUS real-time Tissue Temperature analysis during energy-based surgery

TAEUS real-time Tissue Temperature analysis during energy-based surgery

If we could combine the imaging capabilities of MRI, PET or CT with the safety and access of ultrasound it would broadly change healthcare—improving clinical decisions at the point of care for millions of people, and dramatically reducing costs. This is ENDRA’s exciting vision.

Sam Gambhir, M.D. Ph.D.

Chair of Radiology, Stanford University; ENDRA Board Member

TAEUS will change the fight against liver disease.

TAEUS’ future potential goes beyond just a single application.

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What is TAEUS?

Learn how ENDRA is using ultrasound to help make difficult-to-diagnose diseases easier to find and treat.


How TAEUS works

TAEUS overlays entirely new dimensions of information on conventional ultrasound. Radio frequencies stimulate tissue and create small sonic waves that are picked up and decoded by ENDRA’s proprietary algorithms.


Traditional ultrasound and low energy radio (RF) waves are pulsed into patient


RF energy is absorbed by tissues differently based on water & ion content, creating small sonic waves


Sonic waves are detected by ultrasound equipment


TAEUS™ image is processed and overlaid on ultrasound image

One platform.
Multiple future applications.

TAEUS’ novel approach to enhancing ultrasound will first focus on the global epidemic of liver disease, and then expand to address other healthcare needs such as guiding energy-based surgery, pinpointing vascular blockages and more.

Tissue composition

For fatty liver

Tissue temperature

Coming soon

Vascular imaging

Coming soon

Tissue perfusion

Coming soon

GE Healthcare: a dedicated partner

As one of the world’s foremost healthcare technology companies, and the global leader in medical imaging, GE understands the importance of broadening access to better healthcare. Along with the many other medical, healthcare and technology experts we work with, GE is helping ENDRA bring TAEUS to the millions of people who can benefit from it.

The TAEUS product is not yet approved for commercial sale.